Born in S. Stefano Magra (near La Spezia) on 29 December 1920,he lives in Florence and belongs to the Tuscan school. A graduate of the Istituto d'Arte in Florence where he studied under Cappelli and Parigi, he was Rosai's assistant at the Accademia. He struck his first plate in 1937 and held his first show in 1942. Rosai wrote : "One is tempted to make sweeping statements and yield to an unmeasurable enthusiasm." His corpus includes more than 900 engravings. His preferred techniques are etching and woodcut. Style : expressionist ; his line following Chiappelli's teaching, is sharp, broken, clearly defining the areas of light and shadows. He use zinc plates. Catalogues : Dizionario degli Incisori by L. Servolini, Bolaffi, Mondadori, Engraving Biennali in Venice, Graphic Biennale in Florence, Dic, Biennale of Engraving Prize (Venice, 1961). Museums : Bertarelli.