Born in Florence on 5 May 1941, where he now resides, he belongs to the Tuscan school. A self-taught artist, he learned the technique of engraving in the studio of Vairo Mongatti. He has a degree in architecture, teaches at a high school for the arts, and is an acclaimed painter. He has been engraving since 1973, achieving a corpus of 172 engravings. His preferred technique is etching. Stylistically he is a neo-classicist, and with Mongatti founded an academic figurative movement called Academia Nova as an antithesis to the expressionist or "Non-finito" movement. He works with zinc plates, doing multiple bitings. Catalogues : Bolaffi, Mondadori, Prandi, Biennali, Dic. Museums : Uffizi, National Gallery of Art in Washington, Bertarelli.