Born in Florence on 24 October 1934, where he now lives, he belongs to the Tuscan school. In 1963 he saw an exhibition of Morandi's engravings and decided to learn etching. At the Accademia in Florence he studied the art of Canalletto, Fattori and Rembrandt under Margheri and Viviani. He holds Morandi's chair at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Bologna, since 1994 has taught engraving in Florence, and is a founder of the Academia Nova movement which advocates a return to pure, figurative, classical etching. His corpus includes 370 engravings, with etching the preferred technique. Stylistically he is a classicl and figurative, with a slow and enveloping technique ; he alwais does multiple bitings, stopping-out the preceding lines. Catalogues : Bellini, Bolaffi, Mondadori, Prandi, Florence Biennale, Uffizi.